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Greatest and Best Telugu Movies of All Time ,,,,Must See

Greatest and Best Telugu Movies of All Time.

This list might end as a bad one because I don't much experience with Old Telugu movies. But still had watched few popular movies. I just want to shortlist few movies because I could'n see any website with a topic - Must See Telugu Movies.

To all those who are experts about Telugu Cinema History, kindly excuse me if the list is bad. I am trying to shortlist few movies for non-Telugu population who would like to start and know more about Telugu Cinema.
I was not able to cut down few movies which can attract many to Telugu Cinema so decided to split it in to two. 
One list of -Classic Movies and second with -Entertaining Movies.

7 Greatest Telugu Movies

7. Sapthapadhi (1981): Movie directed by Dr. K Viswanath is about a person’s voyage in finding a path of enlightenment. The story deals with the transformation of an individual from a bachelor life to a more meaningful one. The whole movie revolves around a stunning discussion between Somayajulu and Allu Ramalingai. Its a very meaningful Movie.
6.Sagara Sangamam (1983): another movie by Dr. K Viswanath, is about a talented dancer (Kamal Haasan) who have his own principles which itself became his enemy to attain fame. The film itself have few great classical tracks composed by Ilayaraja. Is a very touching romantic drama.
5. Maro Charithra (1978): a movie directed by K Balachander. The story is about a boy (Kamal Haasan) falling in love with his neighbor 'girl' (Saritha). The difference is that they are from different region - Telugu and Tamil and different cast - Brahmin and Non Brahmin. The film was a huge hit around South India and later the same movie was remade in Hindi 'Ek Dujhe Ke Liye'.
4. Mayabazar (1957): Almost all popular stars at that time came together for a movie directed by Kadri Venkata Reddy. I saw this movie recently, actually I watched the new version, ie digitally remastered colored version. A movie released 50 year back is hard to impress us but still this movie did. Its an amazing movie, very entertaining and a classic too. The story is based on a folk story very popular in Andhra Pradesh named 'Sasirekha Parinayam'. The story is based on Mahabharatha but was not actually in Mahabharatha. NTR as Sri Krishna and Akkineni Nageswara Rao as Abhimany are just brilliant in this movie.
3. Sankarabharanam (1979): period from 1975 to 1990 can be considered as the golden period for Telugu Industry with a lot of great movies and more importantly the period when K Viswanath and K Balachander was prominent. This is yet another movie directed by Dr. K Viswanath, starring Somayajulu, Manju and Chandra Mohan. The movie have the ever green classical songs where was very popular around India. The song 'Om Kaaranadhanu..' by S P Balasubramaniam will touch your heart right away. I heard this movie led to a new genre of film in Andhra Pradesh - ie stories related to Classical songs. The story deals with a teacher student relationship.
2. Geethanjali (1989): a movie by Mani Ratnam, it says everything. This is one of the earliest product of Mani Ratnam. The dubbed version was released in Malayalam and Tamil and became huge hits. The story deals with emotions of different characters, it tells the story about Prakash (Nagarjuna) and Geethanjali (Girija) who are waiting for their end after unsuccessful treatment for their 'diagnosed with terminal cancer'. The movie is a one of the best romantic movie ever happened in India. Us usual for a Maniratnam - Ilayaraja combination, the music track is just outstanding.
1. Rudraveena (1988): another movie by K. Balachander and music by Ilayaraja. This is a national Award winning movie starring Chiranjeevi and Sobhana. The story is about a Telugu youth's (Chiranjeevi) clash with his father (Gemini Ganesan) for their different view on society and music. The sound tracks of this movie by Ilayaraja became on of the greatest ever emerged in Telugu Cinema. Watchout for 'Cheppalani Undi...'. This is one of the greatest Indian movie with great performance by Gemini Ganesan and Chiranjeevi.

Best 7 Entertainers

7. Happy Days (2007): A film directed by Sekhar Kammula, one of the best director from Telugu. The story follows the life of few Engineering college students. The film is a beautifully decorated autograph. Its a must see movie and is the best to start with, if you are looking forward for your first ever Telugu movie. The beautifully placed, presented songs just added the beauty. More suitable for people who love to rewind their college life memories.
6. Pokiri (2006): this is what we call a Mass Masala entertainer. Yes it is, it stands high among the mass movies from India. This was later remade in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi and all these movies had done good business all over India. This is one of the movie which took Mahesh Babu to superstardom. Defentely this movie is only for those like to see over the top action scenes, one person beating 20 goondas and few foot tapping sound tracks. If you are a fan of such genre, this movie is a delight.
5. Godavari (2006): a movie by Sekhar Kammula, make a list of good Telugu movies released in 2000s. It will contain movies by Sekhar Kammula. This is one such a movie which gives you a very soft happy feeling at the end. This movie is a triangular love story but presented in a very natural manner, its beautiful like a beautiful Korean  romantic movie. Songs by M K Radhakrishnan is something which can take you to the golden era of Telugu cinema. Performance of Kamalani Mukherjee is just outstanding.
4. Arundhati (2009): a fantasy film by Kodi Ramakrishna. Watchout for the performance of Anushka and Sonu Sood. The story is about a ruthless Pasupathi (Sonu Sood)'s attempt to kill Arundhati (Anushka), who killed him in the previous birth. The highlight is Anushka and its special effects. The special effects used is something which have to be appreciated. I am including this because I know few friends who started to watch Telugu movies starting from Arundhati.
3. Athadu (2005): Mahesh Babu is popular for his four movies - Arjun, Murari, Athadu and Pokiri. And for me it all started with Athadu. Somebody told me that Athadu is Anniyan for Telugu. So i tried, and I just became a fan of Mahesh Babu, and Telugu Cinema on the whole. The story is not something which is unique or new, I had seen similar stories in Hollywood movies. But this kind of stylish presentation in Indian movies is very rare. You will notice the BGM by Manisharma, its different from usual roaring Indian BGMs used for Masala movies. The story is about two professional killers and a police inspector in search of them. The film have enough suspense, stylish action and few good comedy scenes. One of the best movie to start with. I recommend this movie ahead of any other movie. Start with this one if you are a guy. 
2. Magadheera (2009): This is one of the best action movie I saw in recent times. Absolutely a treat for action lovers. This movie is also about rebirth, revenge and never ending love. This kind of desi presentation is something which we will miss from the Stephen Spielberg or James Cameroon movies. The movie has some outstanding fight and dance sequences. I was amazed to see an Indian movie starting the way Magadheera started. After that a very usual 20 minutes, I wondered how this movie became a huge hit but after the first 40 minutes what I saw was a brilliantly beautifully exceptionally well made visuals. I am very happy, because I saw this movie in a Theater in Chennai, the scene 'the horse coming back to rescue Charan' is one of the most enthralling scene I witnessed in recent times after 'the ultimate suspense scene in Pokiri'. This is not a perfect movie, there are a lot of errors, minor and major. But watch the movie for its visuals, and for its entertainment value. A must see movie for everybody who really want to see the growth of Technically good Indian movies.
1. Bommarillu (2006): This is one of the best romantic comedy to come from India. I keep this movie along with the likes of 'My Sassy Girl'. This is a tremendously beautifully presented movie. If you can understand the dialogs, this is one of the best entertaining at the same time meaningful movies of our time. Its hard to see any good romantic comedy in Indian Cinema history. This is one of the rare such movie. Watchout for the performance of Genelia, she is just flowless as the bubbly Hasini. Kindly don't miss the best scene of the film - ie: the conversation between Sidharth and Prakashraj. Few of the comedy scenes of supporting stars just dont appeal well, but that just don't effects the quality of the overall output. This is one of the sweetest movie you will ever watch. This is highly recommended.


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  2. Very nice post. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Will surely watch the old ones.

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  10. This movie is a triangular love story but presented in a very natural manner, its beautiful like a beautiful Korean romantic movie.

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  11. Vedam is also a very good movie. I am not a Telugu by native but I have seen many Telugu movies dudring my stay in Hydeabad for four years. I am surprised why its not included in the list.

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  13. their is no doubt that geetanjaji is no. 1 all times and maro charitra in black and whites.happys days movie is not a great movie. their is a lot of mistakes in it. we cant consider sekhar kamulas movies in all times.prathi movie lo ammailane yalaga flat chaiyalo matrame chupisthadu.their is no reality in his movies

  14. i am not indian but i like telugu movies more than bollywood cinema mostly because some memorable ones like sasirekha parinayam and maryada ramana which are in my list personally

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    10.maga dheera
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  23. All r waste fellows
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  25. As a college student in 1979, I had been to safire theater ( now demolished) several times to see maro charithra. Single noon show. Unfortunately I never succeeded for more than 15 months. To book we have to go to the theater once. That was not possible. Finally it was released as 4 shows in a theater near my college. Thanks for stirring up past memories. Accidently fell on your blog.

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